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Mich C Philips

About Mich C Philips

Prince Mich C Philips was born and brought up at Ezinifite Aguata in Anambra State in the year 1981. He started His music carrier long ago at Emmanuel Anglican Church Ezinifite Aguata at the year 90s and later became a profisional in the music industry when he migrated to Lagos state Nigera 2003. He released His first musical album titled Ngozichukwu in 2004. The music brought firm to Him and took Him to places. Followed by another album with titled Jesus Bu Onye Ndu m in 2005. Another album titled Ngozichukwu Vol 2 in 2006 and Ngozichukwu vol 3 in same year. In 2007 He released an album with title Ngozichukwu latest( Akidi) and NgoZichukwu Special. Ngozichukwu Vol 4 was released by Prince Mich C Philips 2008 attached 2 it was An Album with the title Time of Praise. In 2009 He released Complete Ngozichukwu and Ngozichukwu Special vol 2 . Onyeoma Mich C as He is nickname released so many albums in Nigerian Music industry. His numerous album include. Ngozichukwu Volume 5, Volume 6, Volume 7 , Ebubechukwu etc. From the year 2004. He never passed any year without one two or three albums. His newest and 22nd album with the title Ngozichukwu Collabor and long awaited Video of Ngozichukwu Vol 4 is was out the year 2016.